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Pilates Ring 12″ – Dual Grip Yoga Circle

pilates ring, yoga ring pilates circle yoga circle pilates magic circle thigh master thigh workout pilates ring resistance bands pilates resistance bands set yoga set pilates equipment pilates band yoga ring yoga bands yoga evo pilates circle pilates bands exercise ring pilates circle ring resistance ring pilates resistance bands pilates rings yoga circle yoga ring fitness circle circle resistance band pilate ring yoga rings pilates kit fitness circleGET FIT FAST-Use the Pilates ring to build up strength, shape your thighs, tone and sculpt your arms
ERGONOMIC & COMFORTABLE-The both sides foam handles enable comfortable gripping in various exercises
ENJOY IT FOR LONGER-The Fitness Ring is made out of EVA which is elastic and stress-crack resistant
FIT FOR TRAVEL-The pilates ring doesn’t take up much space, so you can take it everywhere with you
IMPROVE YOUR WORKOUT-The Pilates fitness circle is ideal to add resistance to any Pilates workouts

Price: $32.95 - $24.95
(as of Aug 14,2019 22:02:33 UTC – Details)

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