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Patterson Medical Thera-Band Flexbar Hand Exerciser – Red/Light

Non-Surgical, Research Proven Solution for Tennis Elbow Relief Plus Improve Hand, Arm, and Shoulder Strength Millions of people want to get a grip on the best ways to improve hand, arm and shoulder strength. Millions more are dealing with painful tennis elbow and struggling to find a lasting, non-surgical solution. Many older adults want independence in daily living. They need the Thera-Band¨ FlexBar¨, one of our most popular products and now seen by over 30 million people in Readers Digest, USA Today, and The New York Times. These national publications shared the findings of a study for a breakthrough strength training exercise using the Thera-Band FlexBar. In the study, the patient group suffering from Tennis Elbow that used the Tyler Twist exercise (shown at left and under the ÒExercisesÓ and ÒVideoÓ tabs) in their treatment plan reported an 81% improvement in elbow pain and a 72% improvement in strength, while the control group showed little or no improvement. The Thera-Band FlexBar is great for athletes, musicians, painters, gardeners, kayakers, rock climbers, and others! Consumers, patients, and professionals are seeing the value and efficacy of the FlexBar¨, a lightweight, easy to grip, portable resistance exerciser for rehabilitating and strengthening hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders and elbows. Each bar is 12 inches long, with resistance levels that increase with each of four available color-coded diameters.Non-Surgical, Research Proven Solution for Tennis Elbow Relief
One single red bar light resistance.
Images are for reference only. One red bar no other colors are included.

Price: $20.99
(as of Jul 17,2019 20:40:42 UTC – Details)

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