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Men’s Health: The New Science of Burning Fat

Right now the MH oice is collectively wearing a party hat
slightly askew and congratulating ourselves on blowing out our
candles with a single puf. The reason? This issue marks the
21st birthday of Men’s Health in Australia.
We thought long and hard about who to put on the cover of
this special anniversary issue. But in the end, there could only
be one man.
Arnold Schwarzengger isn’t on the cover purely because he
owns biceps the size of beachballs. Or due to the pivotal role he
played in bringing gym culture into the mainstream. He hasn’t
nabbed poll position just because he starred in the best action
movie of all time (Terminator II: Judgment Day). Or even
because he famously insisted the best way to stay healthy was
“humping and pumping”.
Yes, there’s the fact that he conquered Hollywood to become
the world’s biggest movie star despite having a name once
deemed unpronounceable. In doing so, he became the musclebound incarnation of the American Dream with his resolute
message of self-determination.
Even before his breakout movie Pumping Iron had screened,
The Austrian Oak had set himself a fairly daunting to-do list.
In the lead-up to that ilm’s release, Vanity Fair reported a
friendly exchange between him and a Belgian publicist. “What
are your ambitions?” she casually asked him over lunch. “I will
be the top actor in America,” he said. “Well, you are going to
have to erase your accent,” she told him. Arnold smiled. “I will.
And one day I will be president of the United States.”
Okay, so he missed out on that last one (well, so far). But you
get the point: Arnie was always a man with a mission and selfbelief the size of his shoulders.
But the true reason that he’s our birthday cover guy is that
Men’s Health is essentially a manual for self-optimisation.
Every article is packed full of expert tips and tricks to help you
enhance the most important areas of your life. Your health.
Your emotional well-being. Your relationships.
Throughout his three careers – champion bodybuilder, A-list
movie star, “Governator” of an economy bigger than Russia’s
– no one has embodied that quest for self-improvement like
Arnie. Those achievements were the result of a mindset deadset on personal evolution. “The meaning of life,” Arnie once
said, “is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go
up, to achieve, to conquer”.
And so that’s why he’s on the cover of our 21st birthday issue.
Arnie did always vow: “I’ll be back.” But the truth is, he never
really left.

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