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Men’s Health: Lean and Reap

Sometimes you’re forced to put your money where your mouth is.
The Men’s Health transformation is a time-honoured
tradition round these parts. To prove that our workouts deliver
genuine results, we take real men with hectic schedules and
present them with a challenge: forge a better body in eight, 10
or at best 12 weeks’ time.
As representatives of the world’s No.1 health and itness title,
it’s only right that we test-drive our workouts before prescribing
them to our readers. But the reality – for both you and us – is
that life, and ironically work, can get in the way.
Tight deadlines mean bad food choices and tighter
waistbands. Late nights in the oice mean prioritising sofa
time over interval training. Even for those who live and breathe
this mag’s ethos, acquiring a physique akin to the men who
grace its cover can feel unattainable for “regular blokes” like
them. I know, I’ve worked here for the last 10 years.
So when this “dad bod” challenge arose, I knew I had to
put my hand up. I’d had a full-on year on multiple fronts. The
double-whammy of a busy job and two kids under two had
left me out of shape and mentally frazzled. So alongside my
colleagues, Alex and Scott, I signed up to train for 10 weeks
with MH Fitness Director Chief Brabon and his wife Emilie.
You can read about our journey on p107. But suice to say,
Chief’s training methods really work. By the end, Alex had
happily ditched his belly, while Scott lost an astonishing 23kg
of fat and rebooted his physical health.
As for myself, well, I changed my body composition too, by
losing a few kilos and adding lean muscle to my frame. But the
real beneit turned out to be mental. Pushing myself through
the workouts empowered me with a renewed sense of control
amid the chaos of my daily life. By the end of 10 weeks, I didn’t
just feel itter, I was calmer and happier as well.

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