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Houseables Calf Stretcher Board, Ankle Foot Stretch Exercise, Wooden, 18 x 15 x 2 Inch, Incline Slant for Stretching, Adjustable Leg Raise, Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy, Balance Muscle Training

Life is a pain in the entire body

Nobody wants to buy a product like this unless their physician or physical therapist tells them that they should, if they wish to live the rest of their lives with a bit less pain and discomfort. Rehabbing an injury – whether it’s chronic or the result of a recent injury or surgery – is less than fun. It can be grueling and seem impossible, but taking the proper steps (literally) to slowly regain the flexibility and mobility that you once had seems like an obvious no-brainer.

And when you’re feeling overwhelmed by physical therapy sessions (and the cost that comes with those sessions), finding less expensive, less invasive tools that you can do in the privacy of your own home (or anywhere you please) becomes essential.

Strengthens all of the key lower body areas

Our adjustable multi-angle slant board is simple in appearance but amazingly diverse in its function. It quickly adjusts to four separate angles and difficulties (10°, 20°, 30°, 40°) to give you the proper incline you need to strengthen weakened lower body muscles so the flexibility of your feet, calves, legs, and even lower back gradually improve over time.

Made entirely of 2″ thick plywood, our slant board measures in with a height of 18″ and a length of 13″-15″ (depending on the board in the three-board piece). No assembly is required – it comes in three durable wood panels that are connected by strong metal hinges. You simply place the two extended wedges of the first panel into any of the four slots of the third panel, while the middle panel lays flat onto any surface. The second panel’s rubberized bottom keeps the slant board from slipping on smooth surfaces.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE BOARD: Our incline slant board is made from thick plywood with laminated board decoration and stainless steel hinges. Adjusts to four different angle levels: 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, so even beginners with chronic leg pain can start slowly and gradually raise the incline and increase flexibility to their calves and other problem areas.
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Comparable to foot strengthening inclines used by physical therapists. The thick wood makeup and stainless steel hinges make this ordinary-appearing three-panel board tough, durable, and incredibly dynamic. Measures 18″ (H) x 15″ (L) x 2″ (d). 14″ long standing board has a non-slip top that is stable and wide enough for you to stand properly with your feet shoulder’s width apart – with or without shoes.
NON-SLIP AND REINFORCED STRENGTH: Rubber bottom keeps the bottom of the stretching instrument from slipping during use (and keeping the floor’s surface free from damage). Plenty thick and reinforced to support extra weight without collapsing or breaking during regular use. A simply powerful stretching aid for individuals of all-ages.
NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Set up is a quick fold-out process that consists of no drilling, tools, or complicated instructions. Recommended for those who suffer from chronic foot, leg, or back pain; are rehabbing a recent injury, or are recovering from surgery. Aimed to help you get back onto your feet and feel stronger than ever.
ADAPTABLE TO YOUR NEEDS: Houseables’ calf stretcher board can be placed where you need its assistance most. Sitting at a desk all day can be surprisingly strenuous on your legs. Use our stretcher to keep your legs cozy from 9 to 5.

Price: $46.55
(as of Aug 23,2019 22:19:08 UTC – Details)

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