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Booty Resistance Hip Bands Set of 3 – Non-Roll Hip Resistance Fabric Bands for Legs and Booty Workout – Train Anywhere with ONESTEP Wide Cloth Anti-Slip Glute Exercise Bands, Women & Men


Burn, Shape and Tone an Amazing Body, with our Anti-Slip Cloth Hip Circle Bands, and get ready to Feel the Growth in your Legs & Booty Muscles Mass. Get visible results after just 2 weeks!
In other words, Sculpting a Peach Booty, a Brazilian Butt or Well-Toned Legs is what our Fabric Glute Exercise Bands DO BEST! You will Increase Your Confidence Because Everyone will Notice how Attractive You Are!

Anti Slip & Non-Roll Booty Bands made of Durable, Comfortable and Sturdy Fabric, Strong and Stretchable Latex, with Two Inner Layers of Grippy Material. Our Fabric Hip Booty Circle Bands will NOT ROLL, SNAP, Break or SLIDE Interrupting Your Workout! Your ONESTEP Hip Circle Glute Bands Will Last Almost Forever!

TOTAL FREEDOM: Pump up your gains in the GYM, by spicing things up with our Non-Roll Hip Booty Bands or do a GLUTE KILLER WORKOUT at your HOME or OUTDOORS if you Lack Time to hit the Gym. Do your Favorite Legs and Butt Exercises like: Hip thrusts, Glute Bridges, Squats, Deadlifts, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrant, Side Steps, Squats, etc.



    SET OF 3 Fabric Resistance Bands:
    ◇ 3 Sizes – 2 Resistance Levels:
    ◇ Small Band- 13″ Length – Medium Resistance
    ◇ Medium Band – 14.5″ Length – Heavy Resistance
    ◇ Large Band – 16″ Length – Heavy Resistance
    ◇ Printed Instructions – Exercises & Anatomy

    ◇ 30+ Page Exercises & Meal Plan
    ◇ Online Exercises Explained Videos
    ◇ Waterproof Travel Carry Case
    ◇ 2 Ebooks – A Girl’s Guide To Strong Glutes & 8 Mistakes That Kill Your Gains

    99 Days Money Back Guarantee & 2 Years Replacement Warranty

GET YOURS NOW AND BUILD THE BODY YOU DREAM OF!PUSH YOUR TRAINING ONESTEP FURTHER: Better isolate, activate and target your glutes, hams, and quads by adding our Anti-Slip Hip Booty Bands to your favorite legs and butt exercises like hip thrusts, glute bridges, squats, deadlifts, etc. Get ready to feel the BURN of progress and the GROWTH in your booty and legs muscles mass. In other words, sculpting a Peach Booty, a Brazilian butt or Well-toned Legs is what our Fabric Resistance Glute Bands DO BEST
STOP WHEN YOU’RE DONE: Made of durable, comfortable and sturdy fabric, strong and stretchable latex, with two inner layers of grippy material, these Fabric Hip Booty Bands will Not Roll, Snap, Break or Slide interrupting your Workout! Forget about Booty Resistance Bands that force you to deal with tons of Frustrations and Interruptions. Your ONESTEP Hip Glute Bands Will Last Almost Forever
LIGHT AS A FEATHER: In their Classy Pouch that comes with every order, our Cloth Booty Exercise Bands can be Carried everywhere without breaking a sweat. Pump up your gains in the Gym, by spicing things up with our Non-Roll Hip Booty Bands, or do a Glute Killer Workout at your Home or Outdoors if you lack time to hit the gym. These Anti-Slip Hip Bands are perfect to sustain full lower body workouts by themselves or to push your gym sessions ONESTEP further. BUY NOW and SCULPT A DREAM BODY
3 SIZES & 2 RESISTANCE LEVELS FOR 1 PEACH BOOTY: Our hip glute bands come in 3 Sizes(S, M, L) and 2 Resistance Levels (S-Medium, M/L-Heavy) to help you Target And Grow every single Leg And Butt muscle. You can use your Hip Exercise Bands during Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and Pilates training or with programs such as P90x, Beach Body Challenge, 80 Days Obsession, 30 Days Butt Challenge and any booty workout. ONESTEP Hip Fitness Bands were Designed to SATISFY EVERY NEED
LIFETIME REFUND & WARRANTY: If you’re asking for your money back, we didn’t do our job, and if there are problems with our product, is our job to replace it and yours to enjoy it. We offer you a ZERO RISK deal – nothing to lose – and everything to ‘GAINS”! We believe that this makes us true to our promise and show that our sole purpose is to take you ONESTEP closer to your goals, and smash them! BUY NOW with total confidence that if you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll FULLY REFUND YOU!

Price: $35.22 - $25.00
(as of Sep 21,2019 23:53:58 UTC – Details)

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